Overview Video (on how to complete this daily assignment) – Everything from doing the blog post, sending the broadcast emails and marketing your business! If you have not watched this video then do it now!

First Hour Blog Posts Are Kind-of Irrelevant now with Blog Beast… The rest of the video still applies! 

Daily Action Assignment

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Top NBA Players Talk about The Power Of The Mind  and the Importance of Pushing Past Every Limitation. 

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To Your Prosperity! 

Fernando Medina

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I'm probably not suppose to release this Video, because the only ones who have access to this are Empower Network Affiliates. I'm so excited about what's coming with the BLOG BEAST I couldn't hold back, so as a treat here you go.

This blog took me about 90 seconds to create  content and upload this video straight from my phone. Ya I know we actually can Blog from our phone now. We are only a few days away from the huge launch so be sure to watch the video above, but more importantly get on my Blog Beast list so you can get a emergency update to set up your own Blog Beast.

Christmas is here early boys and girls.

To Your Prosperity!

Fernando Medina

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One of my business partners Travis shared with us a killer lead generation tip for Facebook that you can implement right now for any business you are a part of!  So listen up and actually take action on the information!

To Your Prosperity!

Fernando Medina 

Right now openings to our team have been closed down till the 18th… So right now Click Here To Get On Our VIP waiting list & See whats coming this month!




To Your Prosperity!

~Fernando Medina~

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